Developing Your Money with Perfect Money

big-promo_wLiving,.Welcome to a new generation of Internet Payment System! .Perfect Money is a leading financial service allowing the users to make instant payments and to make money transfers securely throughout the Internet opening unique opportunities to Internet users and owners of the Internet businesses.
Perfect Money targets to bring the transactions on the Internet to the ideal level!

About System

Perfect Money presents unique features for Business and Personal accounts. While using Perfect Money payment system one can do the following:

-Perform money transfers between members

-Receive payments in various business projects in Internet

-Make regular payments in Internet

-Safely store money funds on electronic account and get monthly interests

-Make payment for goods and services in Internet shops

-Buy Gold Metal, USD and EUR currency online

How to Deposit

To make payments on the Internet with Perfect Money currency you need firstly to load the account. This can be made by various methods enabling you to turn your real wallet into a virtual one.

Instant SMS deposit

– The smart way to fund your account in real-time!
Send SMS from your cell phone and receive money to your Perfect Money account.

Bank Wire

To deposit account you can send Bank Wire (SWIFT / IBAN) from your online banking account or accept Bank Wire from the third party, for example from your business partner. Giving your partners Perfect Money account details you have an opportunity to accept Bank Wire even if you don’t have a bank account.

Our fees are really low.


This is an option when you buy an e-Voucher on the Internet with an Activation code and credit your account after entering this code to the special form. For example you can buy the e- Voucher for e-currency or Western Union with a variety of online exchange services or auctions.


Deposit funds via e-currency transfer from the accounts in electronic payment systems. All the e-currency deposit transactions are instant.

Certified Exchange Partners

Perfect Money e-currency can be purchased with other e-currency, Western Union, Money Gram or just for cash.
Deposit funds via Certified Exchange Partners.

How to Withdraw

It is easy to convert Perfect Money electronic currency to real money or other payment tools. Money withdrawals can be performed as follows:

Bank Wire

You can withdraw Perfect Money currency via Bank Wire transfer to your online banking account or to the third party. If your business partners or some service accept only Bank Wires you can also withdraw Perfect Money currency via Bank Wire as a payment for services or goods.

Our fees are really low.


Create your own Perfect Money e-Voucher certificate. It’s a great idea to give it to friends, family or reward. Also you can sell e-Voucher or exchange it for cash or e-currency


You have an opportunity to withdraw funds from your account in Perfect Money to the account in other electronic payment system.

Prepaid cards

We give our customers an opportunity to buy prepaid cards online within a Perfect Money account. For example, you can purchase “Prepaid Visa Card” for safe and secure shopping everywhere on the Internet.

Certified Exchange Partners

Perfect Money currency is available for sale with Western Union, Money Gram. Also you can exchange Perfect Money to other electronic currency or cash it in your city.

Withdraw funds via Certified Exchange Partners.


Have you ever thought of making your own virtual prepaid card?

Have you ever thought that you can buy Perfect Money virtual prepaid card for your e-currency on the Internet and then convert it to Perfect Money currency? Perfect Money payment system gives you such an opportunity and makes it real!

A virtual Perfect Money prepaid card with Activation code called e-Voucher is always available to be created by any Perfect Money user.

e-Voucher is a special code which you can use to deposit any account in Perfect Money payment system. Also you can give this code to anybody and they can fund their accounts in Perfect Money payment system anytime.

You can send the code of e-Voucher to any e-mail or mobile phone number.

If you want to create an e-Voucher you should access your Perfect Money account, click on “Withdraw” and click on “e-Voucher”. Then please write value of the e-Voucher and create it. Please note that all the created e-Vouchers are available in e-Voucher Depository which can be found in a “Statement” section.

If you want to deposit your Perfect Money account you can buy the e-Voucher on the Internet. Next you should access your Perfect Money account, click on “Deposit” and choose “e- Voucher” as a payment option.

e-Voucher is a convenient way to pay for goods and/or services even if your client does not have a Perfect Money account.

Perfect Money for Bussines

Seven more methods to earn with Perfect Money!

Enjoy our new loyalty business model with name: Perfect Money for Business.

We offer you a concrete business suite and technical solutions to make your small business more profitable.

In every operation performed in Perfect Money payment system we aspire to offer our customers perfect service.
We know that future has Perfect Money, and you have an opportunity to become our customer!

And wait, when you sign up under my refferal. Get the e-book “Intelligent Investor” after your confirmation via email. And I will send e-book “Intelligent Investor” via email. Register now, limited time.

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