Simple Way to Make Website

websiteLiving,. In the era of sophisticated technology such as this, it provides a significant influence in the development of information and knowledge. One of the media through the website, for you who do not understand what it is about the website and how to make them, this tutorial is presented in a simple and practical for you as a visitor in the making of this website.

A website is actually a collection of files or documents which is saved in a server ( a specific computer that is always connected to the internet). Each file has its own address called URL (Uniform Resource Locators). If you want to have a website, here are whats you need :

  • Website File : The easiest language to make a website file is HTML (Hyper Text Mark up Language). Even you know nothing about this HTML, you still can make a simple website file by using a regular word processor software just like Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excell or Openoffice for Linux. You just need to save your file as HTML document with .html extension by cliking “save as” tab and chose .html file option. But you must name your file with index.html if you want to make that file become the first page of your website.
  • Website Address (URL = Uniform Resource Locator): There are 4 important parts of URL. The first part is called Protocol, we know it as http:// stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. The 2nd one is domain name (sometimes subdomain is included too) e.g., or The 3rd one is Directory, just like a directory in your computer where the files located in specific area. The 4th one is file name e.g., index.html or myfile.html. Here is the example of complete address of a website file
  • Website Hosting : You need a server to host your file before it can be accessed through the Internet. Some times you must pay a hosting company to rent a space in their server and to buy the address of your website, but in this Free Website Tutorial you will learn how to make a website without paying anything to buy the address & hosting space. After you have a good skill to build your own cool website, you can try to buy it and find the cheapest affordable webhosting.

Firstly, you must learn how to make the simplest website. Follow this steps :

  • Make a simple word document or an article with Microsoft Office World or Openoffice for Linux.
  • Save it in .html file format by clicking “save as” tab & choose html or web page option and name it with index.html
  • Register to have an easy to use free web hosting accout at
  • Complete all the registration process. Note : If you are non USA user, please choose “ Trust Teritories” to identify your ” State/Province“.
  • Verify your registration by clicking the link that will be send to your email address.
  • Log in to your account and choose the subdomain that you like, such as by clicking the “Website” tab and then click the “Build a new website” tab.
  • Go to “Manage website” menu and then click your website address so you can go to “File manager” menu.
  • Choose “Up load file” menu to up load your index.html file from your computer to the server.
  • Wait for a moment until all the process is completly done.
  • Test your first website by typing your URL address into your browser, such as
  • Congratulation …. now you will see your first website & any one can access it too over the Internet.
  • If you don’t name your file with index.html, you must use this URL to see your website file

Now, you will learn how to make a website using html editor software.

Even without nowing anything about html, you still can make a nice looking website by using html editor software, it is so easy to use because the concept is WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). You can use Front Page, Microsoft Office Publisher or NVU for Linux (you can install it from repositories)
Almost all the menu and the function keys are similar with Microsof Office Word or Openoffice. The most different is you will need to use “Hyperlink” function more often. What is hyperlink ? Hyperlink is a special function that will connect each of your pages to one another or to other website, so …. if the visitor of your website is clicking the word or picture that containing hyperlink, he/she will be directed to the URL address in that hyperlink.

Example : Click here !!! so you will be directed to http:// because the word “here!!!” is containing hyperlink for this URL address :

How to make a hyperlink? It is so easy, choose the word or picture that you want to insert with hyperlink by blocking the word or picture with left-click. Click “Insert” tab, then choose “Hyperlink” or “Link“. Write the URL address into the box then click “Enter“! Finish !!! Yes, that’s easy….

Here, you will learn how to make a website using web template. Making a cool website with web template is so easy & quickly, because web template is actually an almost finished web page. You only need to fill the content with adding some links and only making a little editing in text & graphic.

Here is the steps :

  • Download the FREE web template here !!!
  • Complete all the registration procedure. Note : If you are non USA user, please choose “Trust Teritories” to Identify your “State/Province
  • Activate your account by clicking the link that will be sent to your email address.
  • After downloading the file, open the .html file using Front Page, Microsoft Office Publisher or NVU for Linux.
  • Change the text with your own content just like the way you use Microsoft Office Word.
  • Change the graphics with your own graphics by renaming the file graphics or editing it with photoshop or GIMP for Linux. (The original or editable graphic’s file is usually located in special directory called “projects“, “graphics” or “images“)
  • Add some links according to your needs
  • Save the file and don’t forget to name it with index.html if you want to use the page as the first page of your website.
  • Up load the file to your webhosting account with file manager or FTP client
  • Test your website. Finish !!!
  • If you want to find another free web template that matches to the content of your webiste you can find it with search engine below using this key word : {your content} + free web template, change {your content} with music, sport, health, education, humor, etc according to your content

Actually, there is still one more way to make a cool website in easy way. You can use ” Instant Web Page Builder” or ” Instant Page Maker ” and you don’t need to download any file to your computer, and you will be able to edit your website online. This blog is the example, i edit my blog online too. If you want to have a blog like this, you can sign up at


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